A Real Sobakawa Pillow Review

Check Out This Sobakawa Pillow Review Before Buying Your Next Pillow

I think I just found the reason why I am going to have the best nights’ sleep from here on. The Sobakawa Pillow can keep you from tossing and turning throughout the night, because it is designed to fit comfortably around your head while keeping it nice and cool – even when it’s hot.

Sobakawa pillow – review the facts

Filled with the all natural content of buckwheat hulls, they are completely environmentally friendly and will not break down even after years of use. With the added bonus of not storing heat, all temperature that your body gives off is moved swiftly through the hulls and out of the pillow. This means a peaceful, comfortable sleep is now possible all year round. Air circulation is improved and you can be sure that a night of flipping pillows will be far from your mind!

Here are some of the Sobakawa Pillow fast facts…

-Moulds comfortably around your head and neck, giving you optimum support

-Neck problems are reduced

-Improves the quality of your sleep

-Environmentally safe and a friendly

-Air circulation means that the temperature remains stable throughout the night

-Simple to care for

-Lasts for years

This is one of the few types of pillows that have these qualities that are available. Although it may be relatively new for us here in the western world it has been in use for years in Asia.

The buckwheat is a fantastic property that is able to mould to the shape of the head. The support created by the buckwheat is second to none, and can fit to any shape.

Other pillows with feathers, memory foam or synthetic fill cannot come close to the support that the Sobakawa pillow can deliver. Because the buckwheat won’t break down or compress there is no need to worry about it losing its shape over time.

When it comes to a wonderfully therapeutic pillow the Sobakawa pillow is able to relieve strain and stress on your neck and back. This can occur when the neck is out of alignment, but with the Sobakawa, your neck is supported and cradled. Considering its non allergenic qualities this is certainly a pillow worthy of consideration.

I admit that I have purchased many of the other pillows that are available that claim to give maximum support to the neck. I have suffered from neck pain off and on for many years. I estimate that I have spent literally hundreds of dollars trying to remedy the problem. None of the pillows I have purchased have come close to the support that the Sobakawa pillow. This is truly an innovative and therapeutic sleep partner.

Retailing for between $20 and $40 this is a very affordable way to get relief from neck and back pain. If you find you wake up grumpy and then have a lack of energy perhaps around mid afternoon, it may be due to your pillow and the fact you aren’t getting a satisfying nights rest. This can result in your metabolism slowing and the opportunity to gain weight is greater. If that’s not the best excuse for a new pillow, then I don’t know what is!

I hope you have enjoyed this Sobakawa pillow review and that it has given you some new ideas about the sleep and health benefits that come with owning a quality buckwhaeat pillow.

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  1. I use a memory foam pillow. Never seen a bucketwheat pillow before. Not even sure they are in my country

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