Are Natural Snoring Remedies Really Effective?

To stop snoring is a priority for health reasons alone, however there are other concerns. Could it be affecting your relationship? Over half the adults who snore sleep in separate rooms to their partners which doesn’t argue well for marital bliss does it?

Read these tips to stop snoring and our reviews on natural snoring remedies …

Firstly and most importantly get yourself checked out by a doctor. This is important as what you may consider to be ‘just snoring’ may in fact be severe sleep apnea a dangerous condition in which the body becomes starved of oxygen. Medical advice is essential for sleep apnea.

However if you have the all clear, you still have a snoring problem. Apart from partner disturbance, snoring means you are struggling for air and cannot possibly be getting optimal sleep.

What causes snoring?

The noise is caused by the vibration of the soft tissues in the throat. The more noise, the more the obstruction in the throat. Removing this obstruction is vital to helping someone who snores excessively, though most people snore to some degree.

Helping those with severe blockages is covered by many health insurance plans, as it can seriously affect your long-term health. Snoring affects nearly half the adult population with more males affected than females. It can have many causes which is why not all stop snoring devices work for everyone. The causes may be:

Structural – a narrow jaw, a large tongue, enlarged tonsils, enlarged adenoids, a thick soft palate, small nasal valves or a crooked septum. The tongue and upper throat meet the soft palate and uvula blocking the airway

Outside causes – Allergies, over consumption of alcohol, sedatives, smoking, disruption of normal sleep patterns or decreased lung capacity (can be caused by obesity)

There are several remedies available, dental implants, drug remedies or natural remedies. We’ll have a look at all of them

Natural snoring remedies

These tips to stop snoring can be tried at home. Simple tricks can work well. Sleeping on your back is a classic cause, so make sure you always go to sleep on your side. If you tend to roll onto your back after dropping off, sew some cotton reels or something similar onto the back of your pajamas. This will hopefully be enough to make you roll back onto your side without waking you up.

Alcohol and smoking, try cutting down or out to see if this makes a difference.

A good pillow, how old is yours? You don’t want to know what can live in old pillows! Should it be tossed into the rubbish bin? Could it be causing allergies?

Breathing through your mouth is another common cause. There are devices you can wear such as chin straps, which will keep the mouth closed, helping you to breathe through your nose. These can useful and some snorers have stopped successfully using these devices.

Allergies – these need to be tested for. They could be food allergies or intolerance, or allergy to some pollen or dust mite or animal or bird. Allergies can cause a blocked nose. To help a blocked nose look for one of the over the counter saline nasal sprays. These are safe to use every day. There are also nasal clips which will hold the nostrils open and make breathing through your nose easier.

Reduced lung capacity, bet you can guess what the solution for this one is! Yep exercise. This both helps you to lose weight and increases the lung volume. It also strengthens the muscles used for breathing and generally increases your quality of sleep. Exercises has many other benefits to your health. Start an exercise routine today. (Gently does it at first)

Natural snoring remedies reviewed

There are many products to stop snoring. How on earth do you wade through all these to find the best one for you? We can start by categorizing them. Structural problems can sometimes be aided by “mechanical” stop snoring devices. Structural problems are the most common causes of snoring and can sometimes be fixed by dental implants, medication, surgery or stop snoring exercise. Herbal remedies may help some people but are not usually considered very effective.

A mouthpiece for snoring (dental implant) can work for some people but some find them uncomfortable enough to prevent them from going to sleep.

Some implants work to pull the jaw forward, others restrain the tongue so that it does not fall back into the airway. The more expensive ones will probably be more comfortable and last longer. Cheaper ones may only last a year or so. There is concern that people wearing these appliances are unable to swallow, making them unsuitable for some snorers.

As you can see results vary. Sometimes it’s a matter of personal preference

On balance the stop snoring exercises would help the majority of snorers who have tried them. Of course you actually have to do the exercises, reading the instructions alone won’t do the trick 😉

Luckily they only take a few minutes a day and are very easy. Practiced regularly, the results can be spectacular. Added to that you don’t have the added expense of buying new gadgets all the time.

The creator of the stop snoring program  follows up with support to make sure you’re getting on ok. Good stuff!

I purchased your program last month, and it is the closest thing to a miracle that I have ever experienced!!! I am amazed at how effective it is. My wife is eternally grateful.

Mark Hanna



Want to let you know the program has worked for me, using the 3 minute version. It is really amazing, as I have been a heavy snorer as long as I can remember. Your ad almost sounded to good to be true, but I have no regrets

thank you

Kevin Tee


Drug remedies and surgery should be a last resort if all else fails to stop the snoring. Surgery is performed to remove excess tissue from the throat. A newer form of surgery is a ‘somnoplasty’ which uses radio waves to remove the excess tissue. Surgery to stop snoring is becoming a better option as medical techniques become safer.

The Pillar Procedure is a more recent type of surgery where small inserts are placed inside the soft palate helping to reduce the vibration. The implants help stiffen the palate and prevent it from obstructing the airway. The implants are quite safe and should not have any effect on swallowing.

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