Having Problems Sleeping? Here’s What to Do

Why you need Enough Sleep

Dealing with sleeping problems is distressing and it is usually takes a concerted effort to deal with conditions such as insomnia. Getting to the root cause of the condition is the only way of reducing the effects or doing away with sleep problems completely. Sleep is necessary for the body to regenerate any dead cells and rejuvenate the body’s systems. The lack of a proper sleeping pattern is likely to have other health implications.

Dealing with Sleep Disorders

To deal with sleeping disorders, it is first important to deal with the situational factors that are the main causes. Some daily activities affect sleeping patterns without them knowing it and without the relevant information; they may not know why they cannot get proper sleep. Engaging in an activity during the day ensures that by the end of the day the body will automatically have the need to get some rest. However, if the activity is carried out too close to bedtime, it will have a negative effect on sleep. The consumption of beverages that contain high amounts of caffeine before bedtime is discouraged. Drinks like coffee and carbonated colas have high caffeine content and give a characteristic ‘buzz’ which significantly increases alertness, keeping sleep at bay.

What to Avoid

Alcohol and Smoking may cause insomnia in most cases and the effect is felt more when their usage is done closer to bedtime. A structured sleep schedule should be maintained daily and the cycle continued over time. This will be able to give the body a cyclical rhythm that conditions the body to sleeping at the same time daily. The same should be done for wake-up time. Relaxation is important to enhance sleep because a relaxed mind is able to easily induce sleep. Engaging in an enjoyable hobby such as light reading, listening to music or conversing with someone can have a calming effect which is needed before getting a good night’s sleep. Meditation and yoga have long been known to have a remarkable calming effect on the spirit, body and mind and it could be practiced before going to sleep.

What to do if you’re unable to sleep straight away…

In cases where you do not fall asleep immediately you are in bed, it is advisable to get up and engage in another activity until you get sleepy. Lying awake in bed may compound the sleep problem even more. It is also necessary to make the sleeping environment comfortable and serene. The body adjusts positively to a suitable environment. However, if the sleeping environment is noisy and not conducive for sleep, the body can create a psychological aversion which affects sleep negatively.

The moment all situational factors have been dealt with and the sleeping problems are still being experienced; it is advisable to seek consultation from a credible physician. Over the counter remedies are not advisable as they may have severe side effects and lead to addiction. Seeking medical intervention should be the last resort but the most important thing is to deal with the sleeping problem as soon as it appears. Finding out the underlying cause and dealing with the symptoms immediately they are realized is of essence

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