Hypnotherapy for Sleep – Does it Work?

Relaxation and hypnotherapy go hand in hand. In fact it’s not possible to reach a state of hypnosis unless you are relaxed.

Hypnotherapy or hypnosis allows the therapist to reach your subconscious mind where he or she can implant positive suggestions that will benefit you. If you have a habit you want to get rid of – such as smoking or overeating, hypnotherapy can be very effective. A skilled hypnotist knows how to get the conscious mind “out of the way” allowing direct communication with our suggestive subconscious mind.

What then, about relaxation and hypnotherapy for sleeping problems? Depending on the particular sleep problem, hypnosis can work very well. If you are having trouble sleeping because you are anxious or stressed, a hypnotist can implant suggestions that you will feel very relaxed and sleepy when you go to bed each night.

There are some people who insist hypnosis doesn’t work for them. Hypnosis can work for just about everyone but there are some who resist being hypnotised due to a fear of losing control.

Others have the idea that a hypnotic trance is some kind of deep sleep. In fact we can drift in and out of a trance several times a day. If you’ve ever been so engrossed in a book that you were not aware of things going on around you, you were in fact in a hypnotic trance without realizing it. Self hypnosis is deliberately going into a trance with a specific purpose in mind.

You can visit a hypnotist or you can practice self hypnosis. It may be a good idea to have your first session done professionally, then for future situations, you can always try self hypnosis. Ask the hypnotist to show you how to do this.

What’s the best way then to reach a hypnotic trance? As we’ve stated above it’s vital to be relaxed to achieve a trance like state. This can be hard if you’re stressed and having trouble sleeping.

Breathing and relaxation techniques are helpful, but best results with these techniques are achieved over time. If you need to relax instantly, the best method would be to use some type of brainwave entrainment or hypnosis relaxation music. This technology gradually lowers your brainwaves from the fast beta waves down to the slower alpha and theta waves, eventually reaching the delta waves of deep sleep.

Hypnosis relaxation music can be enjoyed either with or without headphones. There are two different methods used, binaural beats and the newer isochronic tones. Of these isochronic tones are considered to be more effective and can be listened to without headphones.

There are a few effective programs on the market. Some emit strange sounds (tones) which can keep you awake! If you want one that just sounds completely relaxing, checkout the Sleep Tracks program for the best sleep CDs available.

Sleep Tracks addresses different types of sleep problems. Foe example, there’s a track to use if you can’t go to sleep, or another if you have trouble staying asleep. Just pop on the CD and hit play. Mmmmmmmm! You can’t help but relax.

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  1. Great things about having hypnotherapy it could make your insomnia be taken away by letting your mind set to forget some problem! Some people only have insomnia due to having many problems to think!

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