How Safe Are Natural Sleep Aids For Insomnia During Pregnancy?

Here’s some help for pregnancy sleep problems

There are so many things that can keep an expectant mom up at night. From financial worries about paying for years of diapers through to financing a college education to more physical problems like nausea and heartburn caused by pregnancy, you are sure to have at least a few sleepless nights while you are pregnant. However, when a few sleepless nights turns into a bout of regular pregnancy sleep problems, you likely need to search for some natural sleep aids to help you get the rest you and your baby will need. There are several options to choose from, and some are safer for you than others.

Pillows and CDs – Some of the safest options for natural sleep aids during pregnancy are pillows and CDs. A good pregnancy pillow can make you more comfortable and relaxed at night. If you are concerned about rolling over on your belly while you are sleeping, or if you are having leg or back pain, a pregnancy pillow is just what you need. Listening to a relaxation CD can help you take your mind off of your uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms as well as your many pregnancy-related worries and whisk you off to dreamland. There is absolutely no harm done to the baby with these remedies.

Food and Drink – There are some food and drink remedies that act as natural sleep aids as well, and many are considered safe during most pregnancies. Warm milk has long been considered a cure for insomnia, and turkey and eggs contain the same sleep-inducing chemical as well. Eating a protein-rich snack before bed can help to keep your blood sugar balanced, which can reduce or eliminate issues with nightmares, headaches, and other such issues during the night. A snack with carbs and proteins alike can ease nausea that may be keeping you awake.

Herbs – Many people use herbs as natural sleep aids throughout their lives, but some herbs may not be safe for pregnancy sleep problems. Some herbs have been proven to be safe during pregnancy like ginseng, honey, and nutmeg. Others have unknown effects or may be known to be harmful to your baby. Studies on herbs’ effects during pregnancy are limited, so with many herbs you may be taking a risk when you use them during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor in detail about your intent to use herbs during pregnancy and make sure that he or she has approved each herb you plan to try before you take it.

Homeopathic remedies – The following remedy has been proven safe for mums-to-be and even young babies. Triple Complex Sleep Tonic may be used for restlessness and encourages drowsiness and better sleep. Completely safe and non habit forming,  Triple Complex Sleep Tonic can restore natural sleep patterns.

Losing sleep during pregnancy is common, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through sleepless nights for nine straight months. After all, once your baby is born, you are sure to have enough sleepless nights to contend with, so you need to get all of the rest you can now! Try some of the natural sleep aids listed above to help you fall asleep and stay asleep for longer periods during the night. If you are still having trouble sleeping after you try a few of these options, discuss the problem with your doctor, who may be able to prescribe a safe prescription medication.

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