Safe and Effective Relief For a Baby Who Who Won’t Sleep

For a large number of parents, lack of sleep becomes a reality from the day they bring baby home. Baby sleep disorders can go on for months and, in some cases, even years causing parents sleepless nights and fatigue ridden days that seem never ending.

Sleep is as important to life as food and water. People will do whatever it takes to get the rest they need. Often they start by visiting their medical practitioner. This usually leads to a prescription for sleeping pills.

Trouble is the cause hasn’t been addressed and their baby continues to wake them up several times a night. What are they supposed to do?

Now you’d be hard pressed to find a doctor who would prescribe sleeping pills for a baby, but there are many babies on sleeping pills today. Their parents obtain the medication in their name and cut it in half for their child. While this may horrify some people, it’s usually a last desperate resort.

The main problem is that adult sleep medication was not designed for kids and hasn’t been tested for them. It could actually be dangerous to give a child sleeping pills. Some OTC medications such as anti histamines, which make adults drowsy, can have the opposite effect on young children making the problem even worse.

When I recommend natural sleep medications to these parents I usually get a rather doubtful look in return!

People often think that herbal remedies act like a watered down version of chemical drugs and will not work as well. However nothing could be further from the truth. Herbal remedies are potent remedies and work as well, and in some cases better, than chemical drugs while having fewer side effects. Added to that most herbal remedies are not habit forming so you can take them long term.

There are a few effective herbal sleep medications that are safe to use with young children. Among these are:

Matricaria recutita (Chamomile) – Chamomile has long been known as the world’s most soothing herb and has been used by generations of mothers help their children safely relax at night. Not only does it promote sleep but it aids digestion and even helps with teething problems.

Coffea – Not what it sounds like! Coffea is a proven sleep remedy that calms over-excitement, safe to use on young children.

Passiflora incarnata – a naturopathic herb that supports the nervous system. It is perfectly safe and has a sedative effect.

Cina – calms irritability and supports the digestive system in children.

These can be used on their own however blended together in their optimal amounts, these herbs make a synergistic, safe and effective remedy for baby sleep disorders and children with sleep problems. However they must be bought from a reliable source.

Native Remedies have been in business for over twelve years. They are FDA approved and offer a one year unconditional guarantee on all their products.

For your own peace of mind visit Native Remedies read the testimonials from other parents and read all about their baby and child sleep solutions. There are even sleep remedies for babies under 6 months.

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