Natural Remedies For Sleep Problems – Why They Sometimes Don’t Work

The complaint that natural insomnia remedies simply aren’t effective is something that I hear from many of my clients. Those same people say that they would love to stop using sleeping pills but… “The natural sleep remedies that I’ve used haven’t worked,” they say.

The fact is that if you are relying on a product to put you to sleep, this will never happen, because only you can allow yourself to sleep. When you take a hypnotic sleep drug, have you observed that you will be sleeping a short time later? Many times this can be attributed to the fact that you let yourself go enough to go to sleep, in anticipation of the pill working.

A good night’s sleep is all that the majority of people are seeking. Sleep is a crucial component in remaining healthy and not getting enough sleep has serious consequences. With millions of sleeping pills being swallowed every week, it’s no surprise that the drug manufacturers make so much profit! The profit margin of the sleeping pill industry is not our primary worry, however, as we are more concerned with the effect of these sleeping pills on our natural sleep system (circadian rhythm).

There are stressful times, as well as bouts of agonizing illness, that require the assistance of a pill in order to help you sleep. This occasional use will probably not  cause any ill effects. The problem occurs when the use of these drugs becomes a continuous every night habit.

After a period of time of taking sleeping pills regularly, you may observe that you have had to take a larger dose in order to gain the desired effect. That is because of the resistance that is built up when using a pill, and as time passes, you will notice that their effect is greatly diminished. Many individuals get a bit worried at this point and stop their sleeping pills as a result. Natural insomnia remedies are usually their next option, and unfortunately, they are met with similar ineffectiveness.

So why do natural sleep remedies appear not to work?

There are two primary reasons for failure of these natural remedies. Your body first has to be allowed to go through a withdrawal from the insomnia drugs. Your natural sleep rhythm is doing it’s best to get back to normal during this stage. This is known as rebound insomnia. Normal sleep cycles can be expected to return in a few days up to several weeks. Until then, some sleep interruption is normal.

Another factor is that immediate results should not be expected from natural insomnia remedies. The blood/brain barrier cannot be crossed to allow you to be medicated into sleep. The sought after result will be seen in several days of using a natural remedy. There is a re-learning process of your sleep system taking place that will allow for falling asleep naturally. Expecting sleep 5 minutes after taking a natural insomnia remedy is an unreasonable expectation. You can be confident, however, that these remedies will be effective, more effective, in fact, than a sleeping pill. This happens without the side effect of daytime sleepiness or the resistance build up that sleeping pills cause.

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