Some Different Ways to Stop Your Snoring

How to stop snoring naturally – tonight

Snoring can be downright embarrassing, but the fact is, a lot of us do it. Anyone who knows they snore wants to do something about it and hopefully even stop it in its tracks. Yet, how does one go about doing this? Keep reading for a number of natural ways to stop snoring that you can try.

Sleep with a humidifier in your bedroom. Snoring is often caused by dry air, which causes certain portions of your nasal and throat passages to close up. Nasal breathing humidifies air but mouth breathing does not, so a humidifier can help your body have the kind of air that it routinely expects.

Drop your unwanted pounds. Excess weight is well documented to increase your odds of snoring. Not only is there additional pressure within your body and on your respiratory system, but your body lies in uncomfortable positions while sleeping. Getting your overall weight down is the one sure fire way of reducing your odds of snoring.

Exercise your throat. Woodwind musical instrument players have the lowest known rates of snoring among musicians, although there are other exercises you can do too. Anything done routinely that exercises your throat strengthens and opens it, meaning less snoring at night.

Make sure that your sinuses are drained. If there is excess liquid or mucous in your sinuses, it may drip into your throat while you sleep, causing snoring. Consider nasal decongestants, or perhaps neti potting, for relief before sleeping.

Try sleeping on your side. Your throat will relax a lot more in this position, especially if you use a body pillow to cuddle up with into a relaxed state of unconsciousness.

Talk to your doctor. There are a number of different things that can cause snoring, so let your doctor look you over to determine your specific scenario and determine a treatment regimen.

Avoid eating or drinking anything that relaxes your muscles before sleeping. This can include alcohol, muscle relaxants and even sleeping pills themselves. Unless prescribed by your doctor, stay away from these. When your muscles are relaxed during sleep, your breathing is affected to the point of snoring.

Speaking of eating and drinking, stay away from having a really big meal in the hours leading up to your bedtime. If you go to sleep with your stomach full, your diaphragm is going to be pushed up farther than normal. This constricts your breathing passages, which can result in snoring.

Go to sleep with a right-breathing strip across your nose. These miniature “band-aid” looking strips, when properly placed, keep your nose open so that you naturally breath through both nostrils at the same time. This is usually enough air flow to prevent snoring from occurring in the first place.

Having come to the end of these tips to stop snoring naturally, you now are armed mentally with a handful of ideas you can try. It really is possible! Find the method that is most effective for you, and you and your partner can finally enjoy a full night of quiet and peaceful sleep.

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