If You Want To Know How To Cure Insomnia Naturally, Then Please Read This

You probably don’t believe you can get rid of insomnia, especially if you’ve been having a problem sleeping for a while. However, I have put together this website, especially the product reviews, so that you too can learn how to cure insomnia naturally. Natural cures and remedies are much safer than sleep drugs and don’t have as many side effects.

You have probably noticed that the more you try to sleep, the wider awake you become! Lying in bed worrying about not sleeping will only push sleep further away. Although a lack of sleep can and will cause problems in the long term, the occasional sleepless night won’t harm you.

So no more worrying about not sleeping, okay?

What about sleeping pills?

Sleeping pills can be okay, assuming that you use them for a short time only. If you’ve broken up with someone, just been fired from work or had a similar life crisis, then you will understandably feel upset. Sleeping pills may help you get some rest until you are feeling better. The important thing to remember is they are not supposed to become a long-term crutch. Sleeping pills are not a cure for insomnia, they are just a temporary solution.

If you feel that you “have” to take sleeping pills to get get to sleep, then you may have already become addicted to them. This is quite a common problem, and can easily be fixed, so don’t worry. Just visit our page on how to get off sleeping pills, which will give you some help.

Did you know that being unable to fall asleep could actually be nothing more than a habit? When we have a few bad nights, we begin to believe that we’re never going to be able to sleep well again. This can become a vicious cycle and of course we end up lying awake night after night! This causes stress, which just makes everything worse.

We can help you end the “insomnia habit” and learn how to sleep well again. There are many different types of insomnia and in these pages we’ll address all of them. I really hope you can join us and find a natural answer to the sleep problems you may be having.

So please come with us on this journey to cure insomnia. I had insomnia for many years, have done lots of research on the subject and I feel I have learned enough to be able to help you, too. It’s time to stop buying those expensive sleeping pills and start feeling more alive again.


Well if you’re having trouble switching off your mind or if worry is keeping you awake, we can change that. Stressing over money or your job? There is advice for those issues in these pages too.

If you’ve experienced any kind of trauma that’s keeping you awake, there is an answer for that.

Want to know if there’s anything you can do to help your baby or child sleep better? There are answers in these pages.

Are there any safe medications for insomnia? Yes there are. We’ll tell you which ones.

Remember you’re never alone. Almost 50% of the population has trouble sleeping at how to cure insomnia naturallyone time or another. Think of this when you’re lying awake at 2 am, thinking that the rest of the world is asleep. Chances are, a lot of other people are lying there thinking exactly the same thing!

So we welcome you and invite you to join us and together we’ll examine the causes of sleeplessness and see if we can help you achieve better sleep again. Let’s see if together we can show you how to cure insomnia naturally.

On some of these pages I recommend sleep products that have been “road tested” and that I know have worked, either for me, or for fellow insomniacs. Yes I make a commission if you buy a product from this site but I won’t be flying to the Bahamas any time soon (or buying a fancy car for that matter)! Most of the proceeds go towards the upkeep of Insomnia Connection and allow for me to go on helping people to go to sleep.

Thanks for your support!

8 thoughts on “Homepage

  1. Hi Monica
    Read through all the articles on this site and find the ones specific for your problem. I’m sure this will help. Concentrate especially on those about stress and worry, because that it the biggest cause of insomnia.

  2. Nice blog here! Also some good information for me to follow. I have been having trouble with snoring, so am following the advice found here. Many thanks for providing all this useful information.

  3. I know this website provides quality posts on sleep and insomnia and additional material. Is there any other web site you can recommend which gives such quality stuff?

  4. I get nerve pains in my legs at night and can’t keep them still it drives me mad. And back pain. The only thing that gets me to sleep is a sleeping pill. It gets me to sleep for about 3 hours, then I get up and take another.so every night for years now I’ve not had a good sleep. Can you help.

  5. Hi Guy
    I sympathize with you as I am currently having the same problem. You need to tackle the pain first. I assume you’ve had medical advice?
    I am currently using a tens machine and different stretching exercises before going to bed. I do have to take pain killers some nights.
    The cause of pain needs to be addressed first.
    All the best

  6. This is a great help for people like me who are suffering from insomnia.

  7. I have trouble getting off to sleep even if I feel exhausted. When I do go off, I generally only sleep for 3-4 hours and then i wake up. After that the rest of the night is spent half sleeping and waking. It’s driving me mad and it’s getting worse.

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