Getting Off Sleeping Pills Is Something You Must Do For Your Health’s Sake

A couple of suggestions for getting off sleeping pills…

In the years that I have been helping people with their insomnia, the one thing I have found is that people lose confidence in their ability to sleep. We are all born with the ability to sleep and we never really lose that even though we may have temporarily forgotten how. Sometimes it’s because we have been through a life crisis, sometime it’s because of a physical condition – such as sleep apnea or restless legs. However, it’s almost always due to stress and the belief that we will never again be able to sleep without pills.

Please trust me when I say this, “You CAN learn to sleep without sleeping pills”. I say that because I have been through it myself. I know first hand what it’s like to think that insomnia is a permanent condition and I’ll never be able to sleep again without help. It’s a pretty disempowering state to be in, But if I could find my way out of it, so can you!

Sleeping pills work by depressing brain chemicals in the central nervous system which allows a feeling of relaxation.

So here are, in my opinion, the two best ways to wean yourself off sleeping pills. If one doesn’t work for you, try the other. But give each on a fair try before giving up. Remember if you are on prescription sleep aids, don’t suddenly stop taking them. Instead cut down the dose gradually, otherwise you may find yourself in a bad place. You may find you have cut pills in half as you are decreasing your dose. This is fine.

Sleeping pills are the classic psychological trap. You actually sleep better without them once you have re-discovered your natural sleep pattern – I promise!

Method 1 – Gradually reduce your dose. If you can do this when you are on vacation, this will take some of the stress away if you find you can’t sleep. Simply accept the fact that you are going to have some uncomfortable nights. This may or may not happen, but it will take away the psychological addiction and help reduce your stress about not sleeping. Some people find it easier to take their pills every other night, just to ensure they get some sleep on alternate nights. Once the dose is reduced to zero, you can take a natural sedative such as SerenitePlus which is a safe, non habit forming sleep remedy. This will ensure some good deep sleep and will retrain your natural sleep system.

Method 2 – Again gradually reduce the amount of pills you are taking as in the above method, but at the same time you can use Sleep Tracks which actually trains your brain to sleep optimally again. These tracks can be used during the withdrawal period and will significantly cushion the impact of getting off sleeping pills. They are not habit forming and the effects are long term, so you may stop using them once you sleep patterns are fully established. This method involves spending some money, but you will recoup your costs after a few weeks of not having to fill your sleeping pill prescription.

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One comment on “Getting Off Sleeping Pills Is Something You Must Do For Your Health’s Sake

  1. Hi:

    I have had insomnia associated depression for 15 years. Over the course of psychiatric “TREATMENT” I have been placed on antidepressants, benzodiazepines, anti-psychotics to the point that I DO NOT sleep unless I take my pills. It is a merry go round and has resulted in my taking 30 mg temazapam, .75 mg Klonopin, 400 mg of seroquel and 200 mg of Doxepine to go to sleep. I can’t seem to get any professional and objective guidance about this. The docs just add more meds or increase the dosage. I am afraid I have caused permanent damage to the sleep centers of the brain. I get doctors who at one minute tell me to not take the benzodiazepines and then the next minute fill out the prescription for ativan, klonopin, or temazepam. I want to just die at times I am so afraid of the long term. I want OBJECTIVE advice more than anything but I am finding it very hard to get. My gut tells me to come off the medication, but I am afraid to do so because it is terrifying to not sleep at all. I can’t just go on getting stronger prescriptions. In my opinion, Seroquel is the end of the road since there is nothing really any stronger. Any advice or support would be most welcome. Thanks.


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