Do You Know What Really Causes Insomnia?

Do you struggle to get to sleep for ages during the night? Are you often awake in the early hours of the morning despite feeling tired after a long day at work? You’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of individuals all over the planet put up with with insomnia. Insomnia essentially means that you’re experiencing difficulty going to or even remaining asleep for a prolonged period. In fact insomnia is one of the most widely reported medical conditions in the world. There are multipe causes of insomnia, these include depression, stress and side effects of various drugs commonly prescribed today.

Stress, without a doubt is one of the main insomnia causes. We can’t avoide all the stress in our lives, nor should we. Psychologically, a certain level of stress is needed for a healthy mental state. However, when we experience too much stress, it can affects our sleep as well as other day to day situations. Stressful situations, for example divorce, death of a family member or losing your job can cause insomnia. Even minor stressful situations, including worry about school or problems on the job, can cause restlessness and early waking.

Day to day anxieties especially serious anxiety disorders are a major cause of insomnia. Depression also plays a part in your inability to fall asleep. Depression can cause two diametrically opposed sleep problems; sleeping too much, or being unable to sleep at all. This may be because of chemical imbalances in the brain, or even worrying about the depression itself.

Different types of prescription or OTC medications also play a role in your ability to be able to go to sleep and the quality of that sleep. Medications such as those for blood pressure, allergy medications, anti-depressants and even over the counter pain remedies, nasal decongestants or weight loss tablets are some examples of these. They may contain stimulants that will keep you in a wakeful state.

What are the lesser known insomnia causes?

One of the not so well known causes of insomnia is a change of job especially if your work times have changed. Being on shift work on a late night shift will disrupt your circadian rhythm which can seriously disrupt your sleep. Your circadian rhythm act as an internal clocks that controls certain body processes such as your metabolism, body temperature and sleep cycles. If your body clock is out of step, you may be unable to sleep even though you’re very tired, this is clasic insomnia. Causes that disrupt your natural rhythm are hard to manage without reverting to normal sleep/wake hours.

If despite trying everything, you’re still finding it hard to fall asleep at bedtime, it’s time to visit your health specialist to find a solution to your sleep problems. Please try to avoid the ‘easy’ option of sleeping pills, a healthier answer would be to try an effective herbal or homeopathic sleep remedy to get back into a healthy sleep pattern.

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  1. Yeah stress is huge. Though my brother experienced the work schedule one, when he switched from a day job to night job. I’m not sure it’s actual insomnia though, cause usually it goes away once the body is used to it. He definitely struggled for like a week though!

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