Product Evaluation – Brainwave Entrainment CDs For Insomnia

Product Evaluation – Insomnia CDs

This is a type of audio which will quieten the brainwave frequency to a level that allows drowsiness and sleep to occur naturally.

“Ha!” I hear you say, “I’ve heard of this before, it’s called binaural beats”

Well although the concept is similar, it’s far superior to binaural beats.

Now I know there’s lot’s of sleep CDs and insomnia mp3s out there that promise to cure insomnia. Some of them work quite well. There are cheap ones on Ebay which are not generally very effective.

Hypnosis CDs are okay if you’re already relaxed and can be hypnotized easily. Relaxation CDs work for others. Binaural beats work quite well too but you need those awful headphones, (not good if you want to turn onto your side!)

The newest and most effective brainwave technology is called “isochronic tones”. The main advantage with these is that they can be used without headphones. If you have separate speakers it is a good idea to put these on each side of the bed for maximum effect.

The techology behind isochronic tones

isochronic tonesIsochronic tones differ from binaural beats in that they are sperated sound pulses that entrain the brain more efficiently that binaural or monaural beats. These tones can help you enter more relaxed brain states which are conduicive to relaxation and sleep, namely theta and delta. Isochronic tones consist of one single pulse, or sine wave, with intervals in between.

Product review – Sleep Tracks

You know the saying “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is..”?

Well that’s what I thought when Yan Muckle sent me his “Sleep Tracks” to review. One of the advantages of being online is that people send you products for testing quite a lot!

Anyway back to Sleep Tracks. I have tried many products of this type, some of them are quite good, some don’t work at all, but only the best make it onto this site. The better products have some type of brainwave entrainment (which lower your brainwaves and put you in a relaxed state of mind) plus some type of information on improving your sleep habits. These two things should always go together.brainwave entrainment

Well the first thing I noticed about Sleep Tracks was that the information given is presented in video format. As well as being very detailed (there’s nothing this guy doesn’t know about sleep!) It’s also very entertaining. This helps to learn the material rather than just reading a book for example.

  • What is automatic thinking? And why it keeps you awake
  • How to get rid of the fear of not sleeping
  • How to stop the habit of worrying at night (this is great!)
  • Many more too numerous to list here!

The actual tracks – which are the meat of the program – are based on isochronic tones. Isochronic tones are far superior than binaural beats for brainwave alteration and there’s no need for headphones. The Sleep Tracks gently take you down into a relaxed sleepy state very effectively. Great for those of us with overactive minds!

The tracks don’t have to be used for ever. Sleep Tracks assumes insomnia is a learned behaviour and one the mind has been trained and you have “unlearned” all your poor sleep habits, you can stop using the tracks and still enjoy quality sleep. The tracks have a cumulative effect.

What you will get?

There are three separate tracks. One prepares your mind for sleep (Insomnia Buster), the others send you off to the land of nod according to the sleep problem you have. There are separate tracks for those who have trouble falling asleep and for those who wake too early or wake several times during the night.

There is also a bonus “Power Nap” track which puts you in a light sleep for 20 minutes and then wakes you up so you’ll feel fantastic.

Why Sleep Tracks is different

This is the first product I have found that targets different sleep problems separately rather than trying to treat all sleep problems the same. It’s extremely effective for those who wake frequently as most other products just target folks who have trouble falling asleep.

It also works well for those who take sleeping pills and those who have fibromyalgia, chronic pain or suffer with restless legs – (try the Wholenight track for this)

Drawbacks? Sleep tracks is priced a little higher, but is worth it for the quality of the product in my opinion. It needs to be done consistently, but it’s worth the small time investment.

Sleep Tracks worked well for me when I went interstate recently to visit family. Usually sleeping in a strange bed means instant insomnia. This time I took my Sleep Tracks along and it saved me from a sleepless week!

So is Sleep Tracks too good to be true? Definitely not. It does everything it promises and could finally be the answer for those with chronic insomnia and long term sleep problems. You can start enjoying better sleep tonight!

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