Some Natural Treatments For Insomnia Work as Well as Sleeping Pills

This is a true story of sleeping pill addiction. I know all about it because it happened to me…

I have never been a good sleeper. My mum always delighted in telling stories of what a difficult baby I was, because she could never get me to sleep! I remember as a young child lying in the dark and imagining there were monsters outside my window.

I went to a boarding school when I was older and achieved a certain amount of fame for being the girl who could always stay awake the longest. I used to read under the bedcovers until the wee small hours. The teachers used to tell me I’d go blind!

The real problems started when I was in high school. I was studying for my senior exams sometimes quite late into the night. When I switched off the light and tried to get some sleep, I found I couldn’t. I developed severe anxiety and Mum carted me off to the doctor.

The doctor reassured us that “Some children need less sleep than others,” and sent us home with a pat on the head. Apparently I was otherwise healthy apart from being a nervous wreck!

It was after I was married that I found a real “cure”. I finally was desperate enough to go to the doctor again and this doctor prescribed a sleep medication. I was so happy, all my sleep problems seemed to be solved!

This lasted for a few months. Then I found to my horror that I was having sleep problems again. Just one night every now and then at first, then almost every night!

What I didn’t realize was that sleeping pills are not a cure. In certain situations they can help when taken for a short while. In others they don’t help at all. I found that I was relying on the pills more and more but that they were having less of an effect.

Where do you turn for help when your sleeping pills stop working?

What worked for me eventually was a more holistic approach. I started treating the “whole” problem.

Sleep disorders tend to be complex and a  complex approach is sometimes needed. I started researching sleep in great detail. I found that getting up at the same time every day really helped as did giving up my evening coffee.

Further into my research I found out about how light affects the circadian rhythm and the importance of having a totally dark bedroom. All these things helped but still I was afraid to throw away the crutch of “sleeping pills”.

What helped my finally break free was the discovery of natural medications. I finally had a substitute for the sleeping pills and am now completely free of them.


There are several natural treatments for insomnia that are useful for helping us sleep. Here’s some of them.

Avena sativais used by herbalists to treat poor sleep, hyperactivity, mental exhaustion and anxiety. It’s also an effective nerve tonic.

Scutellaria laterifolia – a traditional cure for sleeplessness, nightmares and sudden awakening. The effects on the nervous system can be felt in 30 minutes

Passiflora incarnatais used in Europe for insomnia – particularly insomnia caused by worry.

Coffea  – This is useful for those people with an over-active mind, sleeplessness,  physical restlessness and agitation. Great for those who can’t “wind down”

Nux vomica – If you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about work, are strong willed and maybe a bit impatient, your insomnia will respond well to Nux Vomica.

It’s really important to obtain herbal remedies from a reliable source that can blend them in the right proportions for maximum effectiveness.

Native Remedies has been in business for over 12 years. Their quality is superb and they have a 12 month guarantee on their products.

If you are experiencing sleep problems visit Native Remedies, read the testimonials from satisfied customers and find out why their products work so well. It may be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

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