The Best Way to Handle Insomnia

What’s the best way to treat insomnia?

Medical science recognizes the strong association between good health and good quality healthy sleep. Unfortunately, due to lack of understanding and limited time, many conventional doctors do not take the time to investigate what the cause of a sleep disturbance might be and simply write out a prescription and send the patient on his or her way. This is not always the best long term solution.

The Conventional Medical Approach – Doctors usually prescribe antihistamines (e.g. Nytol, Benadryl) or a class of drugs called benzodiazepines (e.g. Valium, Lorazapam, Alprazolam, etc) to treat insomnia. While these drugs may be effective in the short term, they can both cause serious long term problems, including addiction and disturbance of normal sleep patterns.

Benzodiazepine addiction, in particular, can develop very quickly and using benzodiazepines for longer than a week or two may result in a lifetime of dependence. Using strong drugs to fall asleep often means that the body’s natural sleep cycle is disturbed and the ability to fall asleep naturally is lost. The person often needs to take stronger and stronger medication in order to fall asleep at night. Grogginess in the morning is not uncommon.

Restoring Healthy Sleep the Natural Way

Naturopaths recognize that sleep is like a barometer. When someone consistently struggles to sleep, this is a sign that something is wrong and needs to be investigated. Perhaps there are problems at work or in a relationship. Perhaps there is a depression that needs to be treated. Maybe there is a serotonin or a magnesium deficiency which needs attention. Maybe there is another condition which is causing the sleep problem. Simply taking strong drugs to fall asleep is not enough and can further complicate the picture.

Fortunately it is possible to treat insomnia in a natural and more holistic way, resulting in a long-term solution which does not damage your health or lead to addiction.

There are many different ‘natural’ remedies on the market. Not all of these are as ‘natural’ as they claim to be. Others are not very effective due to inferior formulation or failure to take a more detailed and scientific approach to the treatment of insomnia. Unfortunately this has meant that many people have given up on finding a healthy, natural approach to insomnia. Native Remedies treats insomnia seriously!

We realize that insomnia can seriously affect your sense of well being and also your ability to cope. That is why we treat insomnia seriously and are constantly updating our formulas in line with new developments. Modern research has shown that in order to treat insomnia effectively, one first has to determine the type of insomnia one is dealing with as well as what is causing the insomnia and try and correct this so that a healthy sleep pattern can be re-established. Each person is different and has different needs. Recommending a natural remedy is only a part of the solution.

Use the following guidelines to determine the best approach for you.

A. For people who are healthy but suffer from intermittent sleep-onset insomnia, not more than twice a week:

Some people suffer from intermittent sleep-onset insomnia caused by stress, worry or an overactive mind. This can be very distressing while you struggle to ‘switch off’ and fall asleep, knowing that you have to wake up and function in a couple of hours. Sometimes occasional insomnia becomes so bad, that it can develop into chronic insomnia due to the association between bed and stress.

There are many herbs which can induce deep relaxation naturally, thereby helping you to drift off to sleep without strong drugs and preventing the development of more chronic insomnia. A combination of herbal and homeopathic ingredients offers the best solution to help you fall asleep naturally and wake refreshed in the morning.

Make sure you have regular exercise.

Learn stress management and relaxation techniques.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and other recreational drugs, especially close to bedtime.

Use SerenitePlus Drops when needed to promote relaxation and induce a state of drowsiness. Newly formulated to include both herbal and homeopathic ingredients for even better sleep inducing properties, the selected herbal and homeopathic

ingredients of SerenitePlus provide extraordinary calming properties and act as a tonic for the nervous system, helping you to get a full night’s sleep and awaken refreshed and revitalized. If intermittent sleep difficulties are your problem, Serenite Plus is a proven, 100% safe, non-addictive alternative to prescription sleeping pills.

B. For people who suffer from chronic insomnia (more than twice a week) and who struggle to fall asleep as well as remain asleep (sleep-maintenance insomnia)

Chronic insomnia is often linked to low serotonin levels caused by depression, anxiety, dietary deficiencies, chronic illness, prostate problems, menopause or being over the age of 60.

Insomnia may be almost a nightly battle and you may also wake up in the middle of the night and early morning. People who suffer from chronic insomnia and fall into any of these categories, will need a little extra help. Inducing drowsiness may help initially, but would not be a complete solution.

To address the needs of people with chronic insomnia, Native Remedies has formulated Serenite-LT – a solution which addresses the causes of insomnia in order to achieve long term relief. Serenite-LT contains Hypericum perforatum and Schizandra chinesis (wu wei zi) selected herbs known for their ability to balance serotonin levels and to help the body to cope with stress. In addition, Serenite-LT contains Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin B6, all well documented as playing an important role in maintaining a healthy sleep cycle.

For a complete solution:

Use Serenite-LT twice daily as directed along with SerenitePlus Drops when needed. Serenite-LT normally takes effect within 3 – 5 weeks, although some people respond even earlier. Most people find that they need SerenitePlus Drops less and less as Serenite-LT restores healthy sleep patterns.

Eat a healthy diet and make sure you have regular exercise

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and other recreational drugs

If you are depressed, anxious or stressed, take steps to make changes that will help you (Using Serenite-LT will also help with depression and anxiety)

C. For chronic insomnia associated with the elderly (men and women), women going through the menopause, adults and teenagers who have always been problem sleepers since childhood and those whose insomnia is resistant even to prescription drugs:

Add Triple Complex Sleep Tonic to the daily use of Serenite-LT.

D. For insomnia associated with prostate problems and frequent need to go to the bathroom at night:

Use Serenite-LT and Serenite Plus Drops along with Prostate Dr

Won’t a prescription anti-depressant or sleeping tablet do the same job?

Of course this is your choice and can be discussed with your doctor. However, remember that insomnia may be a side effect of some of the prescription anti-depressants. Furthermore, clinical trials have suggested that St John’s Wort, one of the ingredients of Serenite-LT, is just as effective as many of the major prescription anti-depressants, but has far fewer undesirable side effects.

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