How to Overcome Anxiety And Sleep Better

If you are plagued with anxiety insomnia you will be well aware that all the traditional advice simply will not help one bit in helping you fall asleep. Even practising good sleep habits like maintaining a quiet sleep environment cutting out caffeine and making sure your bed is comfortable will not do very much to alleviate anxiety induced insomnia. Not that these aren’t important, they are. But the type of sleep problems we’re dealing with here demand a different approach.

Even allowing for differences between individuals, it is commonly accepted that an average of seven hours sleep a night is the minimum needed to feel refreshed and energetic the next day. The question remains, “how can an anxious person relax enough to obtain the sleep they need?” The answer in my opinion comprises of two things. Mind control and seeking help to control the anxiety that has caused the sleep problems in the first place.

The common knee jerk reaction to insomnia is to take a sleeping pill. Now this may be appropriate for a temporary “fix” for some types of chronic insomnia. However it is far better to find out what is causing the inability to sleep and then address the cause. In the case of anxiety insomnia, the anxiety really needs to be addressed first. This can alleviate the insomnia and at the same time, allow you to feel better and more relaxed during the day.

This of course is easier said than done and depends on what’s causing the anxiety in the first place. If you are anxious over a particular situation, the anxiety usually will disappear as the situation resolves itself, taking the sleeplessness away with it. However sometimes people feel anxious without knowing why, this is called non specific anxiety and it can be really frustrating as you may feel that you have no control over the situation at all.

I referred earlier to mind control. This can be as simple as focusing your mind on pleasant, relaxing thoughts as you’re lying in bed waiting to sleep. You may find this extremely difficult at first, but it’s worth persevering, as controlling the mind becomes easier with practice. This ability to focus only on the thoughts you choose will do away with the anxious worrying over problems that go around and around in your head and are the main cause of not being able to fall asleep.

Until you’ve mastered mind control. what can you do to alleviate the anxious feeling that’s keeping you awake and restless. One effective solution for anxiety is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, however this is a long term treatment and although very effective, will take a while to work. If you’re experiencing anxiety insomnia, you want relief sooner rather than later and this drives many to the doctor’s surgery for a chemical calmative such as diazapam (Valium) which comes with side effects.

There are several natural anxiety remdies which are proven to help. Among the best is a herbal remedy called PureCalm which uses gentle yet effective ingredients that can help calm anxiety in minutes and is 100% safe. This remedy can be used for however long it takes to achieve peace of mind and be able to sleep well again.

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