The Sleeping Pill From Hell

More Stilnox Horror

March 19, 2008

Horror stories about the side effects of Ambien/Stilnox continue to emerge. Here in Australia there has been a recent death which has been associated with the drug. No I’m not talking about Heath Ledger, there’s not enough evidence to attribute his death directly to Ambien, although it was found in his possession amoungst other prescription drugs.

This is a story about a young promising philosphy student with the world at her feet. Thirty year old Mairead Costigan plunged to her death from the Sydney harbour bridge late last year, just weeks away from being awarded her doctorate. She had been taking Stilnox for eight months.

It’s only fair to say she had stopped taking Stilnox a week before, however her parents were convinced Stilnox caused her death. They’re currently trying to get Stilnox banned in Australia. Unfortunately that’s very unlikely to happen and we all know why. (Hint $$$$!)

Of course the drug company is blaming the victim. Stilnox is only supposed to be taken for four weeks at a time, not eight months. So it’s “not their responsibility,” they claim.

However at least this time they haven’t come out smelling like a rose. The TGA in Australia is considering making Stilnox a “schedule A” drug (a drug of abuse) meaning it would be a lot harder to obtain. Why don’t they just ban it? So far it’s led to thirteen deaths, twelve suicide attempts and four attempted murders.

It seems human lives are not as important as dollars. But then we already knew that. TGA, FDA Who can spot the difference?

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Catch up with you next month, take care!


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