All About Baby Sleep and What’s Right For Your Child

Baby sleep questions and answers

I get many questions from new parents about their baby’s sleep, or lack of it! So I thought I’d do a quick article which should answer most of these. I have made a list of the questions and answers below.

1) At what age can baby sleep in a bed?

Actually I don’t think there’s a definite answer to this one. It depends on a lot of things, the age of your baby, the size of the crib, how active your baby is and whether he’d hurt himself if he fell out of a bed.

Obviously the main reasons for putting a baby into a crib is that you know exactly where he’ll be when you wake up the next morning! It’s a safety issue and will keep baby safe if he tends to roll around a lot.

If your baby has grown out of his crib, he’s probably at the toddler stage and able to get around on his own. You can then assume he’s ready for his own bed. If you’re worried about him falling out, there are safety rails that can be purchased that will keep him safe. But the best and cheapest option is just to remove the crib rails. Then you can get him a full size single bed when he’s ready for it.

If I had to put an age on it, around 3 years old is the age they will start climbing in and out of bed by themselves.

2) When can my baby have a pillow?

What you have to be careful with when it comes to babies and pillows is the risk of smothering.

Pillows are not actually an essential item for a baby, or even a child for that matter. In fact even most adults would benefit from sleeping without a pillow. However it does add an element of comfort. If your baby is happily sleeping without a pillow, I wouldn’t rush to give him one. At least wait until 18 months of age.

Some parents put the pillow under the mattress, this just raises the baby’s head up slightly and is a good compromise between comfort and safety.

And lastly the most common of all the baby sleep questions…

3) How long should a baby sleep for?

Really there is no set answer for this. A baby will sleep for as long as he needs to. If you’re lucky, most of his sleep will be done during the night! If your baby sleeps all day and keeps you up all night, try to keep his daytime naps a little shorter. You could also set up a sleep schedule in the evenings to get him used to a regular bedtime.

For those who need more solid information like real times – and I do understand, really 🙂 Take a look at our page which has a baby sleep chart with all the information you need.

I hope this has answered some of your questions. The important thing is to enjoy your baby. Don’t be intimidated by numbers and don’t worry if a friends baby seems to be sleeping more or less than yours. We are all individuals and are all different – even babies!

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