How to Break the Insomnia Habit

Is insomnia a bad habit?

If you have trouble sleeping every night, you probably have what is called chronic insomnia. Chronic insomnia is different to transient insomnia in that it occurs every night, not just now and then. Chronic insomnia is a bad habit, one that you have fallen into because you see sleep as something you can no longer “do”. Obviously this situation needs to be resolved as you can’t go long term with insufficient sleep, or your health may suffer. Not to mention feeling tired all day and being less efficient in everything you do.

The good news is habits can be broken! Even if you have experienced chronic insomnia for a while, you can change that into the good habit of falling asleep easily every night. To break the insomnia habit we need to understand why we have formed it in the first place. Here’s a simple explanation.

Most chronic insomniacs have trouble sleeping because they expect to. Yes it really is that simple! You view bedtime as a challenge and sleep as something elusive that need to be pursued. Every night when lying in bed, you are wondering how long it will take you to fall asleep. Maybe you even glance at the clock every now and then, just to see how long you’ve been awake for. Then, of course, you start worrying about not being able to perform the next day.

This is the kind of mindset that will keep you awake night after night. So how can you fix this? You need to regain your confidence in your ability to sleep and realize that every living creature knows how to sleep. You just have to relearn how.

So how to break the insomnia habit?

The first thing to do is to get rid of stress. Worrying about not sleeping is a classic form of stress and you can practice relaxation to alleviate the stress in your life. If you practice relaxation regularly, you will become good at it and can use it at anytime, especially when your lying in bed at night. Relaxation is great for the mind that keeps racing and can help you focus your thoughts and calm your mind.

Hypnosis is another tools that people use to overcome stress. I myself find it hard to relax enough to go into a state of hypnosis when I’m stressed, however some hypnotists are skilled enough to be able to relax people prior to the hypnosis session. There are also hynosis CDs or digital hypnosis downloads you can buy.

There is also a tool called Sleep Tracks which uses brainwave entrainment to bring the mind from an agitated state gradually to a calm and more relaxed state so that sleep comes naturally. You can read more about sleep tracks on our product reviews page and see whether it may be something that could break the insomnia habit and start you sleeping better again.

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