Addicted to Ambien? How Addiction Can Start From Sleeping Medication

If you are addicted to Ambien, see your doctor about chaging your medication. Of course it would be best not to take any sleep medications, but this is the real world and people sometimes need help.

Why is Ambien so dangerous? Mainly because it’s designed to be a short term answer to insomnia, but many people are taking it for weeks and even months or years, leaving them vulnerable to a slew of side effects as the article below demonstrates.

People who are having issues with falling asleep would use sleeping pills including Ambien as  a final resort to attempt to fall asleep. These kinds of sleep problems can be derived from facing the PC for several hours, emotional stress, too much caffeine and perhaps inheriting the insomnia from their parents. People struggling with such sleeping disorders take prescription medicated drugs in order to help them calm down and drift off for several hours and making them impervious from any nearby noise. Individuals who take this sleeping medication might develop a tendency to get hooked on it.

People who are addicted to ambien may encounter heavy dependence on the prescription drug. Individuals get so easily hooked on this drug that they experience the negative effects immediately after they have stopped taking it for several days.

What withdrawal symptoms can you expect?

Withdrawal symptoms from Ambien are anxiousness, stress and panic, stomach pains, confusion, hallucinations, heavy perspiration and depression. That’s the reason it’s absolutely crucial to seek treatment and rehabilitation should a person find that they are slowly and gradually becoming dependent, or have already become dependent on this drug.

Having such withdrawal signs or symptoms can be very unsafe for a user mainly because there’s a possibility of going into depression and having suicidal inclinations. The best best treatment for this dependency is to look for a treatment center or a recovery center and have the subject committed to treatment. By doing this such centers and facilities can monitor their subject through their withdrawal phase and throughout the treatment and counseling that they will be undergoing for some time.

Proper observation is required for addicts undergoing such therapy to prevent them from causing harm to themselves and keep them from going into a depressive state in which they would require further therapy, counseling and medical treatment.

Doctors have recently become more cautious when prescribing this medication simply because they fear that their patient might quickly develop an addiction to it. People with sleeping disorders are encouraged to seek out various alternatives to cure their insomnia, from plenty of exercise to drinking green tea and warm milk are among some of the alternate options to difficulty in sleeping. Users who have become dependent on a drug such as Ambien may turn to alcohol consumption as their alternative to sleeping pills, thus generating a new set of problems where they can have an alcohol abuse situation which would eventually lead to alcohol addiction.

These are just a few of the reasons why ambien is a dangerous prescription medicine if dealt with inappropriately.

2 thoughts on “Addicted to Ambien? How Addiction Can Start From Sleeping Medication

  1. Something that can help us in the short term can really be dangerous to our health in the long run. This is a great article and it also warns people who may not know about addiction to ambien.

  2. I nave used ambien for past copule of years to deal with increasing hot flashes and emotional distress. Usually split 10 mg tab is enough to induce sleep but not always, have not done anything weird while taking it. Still do not sleep longer than 5 hrs but is better than nothing. and able to work full time without feeling groggy half the next day as with other medications.

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