Knowing The Many Different Results Of Taking Sleeping Pills

This article has been included here, not because I am advising anyone to use Lunesta, but because sometimes it may be a lesser evil than some of the other sleeping drugs out there, if you feel you simply MUST take a pill to go to sleep. If you’re already troubled by a sleeping drug addiction, see our page on how to get off sleeping pills.

Lunesta (Eszopiclone) is a sleeping pill prescribed by health professionals used for healing adults affected by insomnia. Just like any other sleeping pills, there is a huge likelihood of becoming dependent to the drug, therefore, causing a person to become addicted to it. Lunesta is acceptable by FDA for longer use in treating insomnia contrary to other suggested sleeping pills. Being addicted to Lunesta is more likely to happen if the pill has been taken daily at higher doses for a longer period and to people having drug or alcohol addictions history.

Lunesta is a controlled substance and may well be used excessively. It belongs to a class of medicines identified as hypnotics/sedative, usually known as sleeping pills.

Unwanted Side Effects of Lunesta

Lunesta is helpful to help a person obtain a calming and relaxing rest without disturbance, you’ll feel drowsy right after the pill has been taken. Abuse of lunesta on the other hand may trigger sleepwalking and other activities while asleep which can probably result in a multitude of problems if not handled appropriately. If a person becomes addicted to Lunesta, his body will no longer work as it should, if the medicine intake is ended, withdrawal symptoms may occur. The addiction to Lunesta is a serious problem which demands instant treatment.

Some Signs and Symptoms of Prescription Abuse involves increased blood pressure, anxiety, regularly feeling tired and short-tempered during the day, sleeping beyond the typical, sweating despite low temperature, shivers, panick attack, strange dreams, nausea, low energy during work or day by day routines, difficulty getting to sleep, suffering extreme hallucinations, seizures, higher level of sensitivity to the sun, stomach cramps, abrupt weightloss and vomiting.

Though used as a medicine for people suffering from insomnia, studies demonstrate that it could also be a cause of mild rebound insomnia, meaning, it only worsens the insomnia of a person when the medication is stopped. When the person resumes their normal sleeping habits, the signs or symptoms of rebound insomnia typically transpire for just one night after the medicine was discontinued.

There are many probable side effects with Lunesta, just like any sleeping pill. Nevertheless, not all people who took the pill will have side effects. As a matter of fact, most people can tolerate Lunesta very well. When unwanted effects do take place, they are commonly negligible and furthermore entail no treatment or can simply be cured by your healthcare provider.

A further warning – if you’re experiencing any side efects from a sleep drug, don’t try and handle it alone. Seek professional medical advice straight away.

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