Natural and Herbal Sleep Medications – Any Good?

A lot of people who try natural or herbal sleep medications end up going back to taking sleeping pills. Why? One answer could be because natural sleep medications do not have an instant effect because they don’t cross the blood brain barrier. Natural medications sometimes take a while to build up in the body before they have an effect. It’s worth persevering though because sleeping pills can cause havoc with your health.

Most of us are aware of the dangers of taking sleep medication long term, but the following article lists other dangers associated with sleeping pills you may not be aware of. I didn’t actually know this myself and it’s scary stuff. Read it if your dare!

Natural Sleep Solutions the news media doesn’t tell you about


Natural Sleep Solutions the news media doesn’t tell you about. Posted by Anne Baker on Mar natural ways to improve sleep. Interestingly, the commercial sponsor of this newscast was – you guessed it, a sleep medication!

Sleep problems and insomnia can have a lot of causes, some of them are well known, like too much caffeine, but others are less well known. The following article explains some of the foods we eat can affect our ability to fall asleep at night and also some tips to help you sleep better.

Get Better Sleep Without Medication | Natural Sleep


Get Better Sleep Without Medication; Have you been trying to figure out a way to get better sleep but without resorting to taking any type of sleep medication? According to health experts, most cases of insomnia can be solved

A new natural sleep aid is causing quite a stir locally and is quite unlike anything we’ve seen yet. “Dream Water” is a drink that contains GABA Melatonin and 5HTP and no calories. Here is an article featured in CBS Pittsburgh which explains more about it and where to get it.

New Sleep Aid Drink Growing In Popularity – CBS Local

CBS LocalNew Sleep Aid Drink Growing In PopularityCBS LocalA lot of people do; and because of that, there are more and more sleep aid products on the market. There are different types of pills, but it’s a new sleep aiding drink that’s gaining attenti …


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Melatonin is a natural sleep aid that is produced naturally by the human brain. Melatonin production is caused by the circadiam rhythm and depends on getting a certain amount of sunlight in the early part of the day. Melatonin can also be taken orally, but be careful if doing this, there are certain risks associated with taking melatonin as the video on page 2 explains. However, compared with sleeping pills, melatonin is a relatively safe sleep aid. Probably works best on older individuals as melatonin production slows with age.

Natural Sleep Aid: Melatonin??

Visit us at Facebook http Nutritional coaching The Metabolic Blueprint Program Is melatonin good to take every night? Research it! Learn some of the down falls of taking melatonin each n…

Finally, here’s an article from with 10 tips for better sleep. Practice all of these and you should notice a difference.

10 tips for a better night’s sleep – KXLY Spokane

10 tips for a better night’s sleepKXLY SpokaneThen, a few months ago, I got pregnant — which is a happy thing, of course, but my doctor recommended I suspend using any and all sleep aids while gestating this baby, which put me back to not-sleeping s …

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